Dragon Oil Office & Recreation Facilities

Market: Commercial

Service: Architecture and Engineering Design

Owner: Dragon Oil

Location: Turkmenistan

Contract Value ($M): $22

Startup Date: Jan 2013

Completion Date: March 2013

Dragon Oil is under a long term contract with the Government of Turkmenistan to explore oil on and offshore the country. Dragon Oil decided to develop two office buildings and one recreation facility for its staff. 3G was selected based on the best submitted design and was commissioned to complete the A/E design services. 


The project consists of three facilities; two office buildings and one recreation building, located at Hazar in Turkmenistan. To reflect the nature of our clients' business, we presented two concept philosophies; On-Shore and Off-Shore Oil Extraction and Flow Platforms. The onshore oil wells swinging pump jack machines mechanism inspired the floor plans layouts. In order to perfect the essence of oil flow into pipelines after extraction, the buildings facades lines and materials reflect the flow of oil, using steel lines that embrace the buildings' form. The offshore oil rig platform influenced the concept and characteristics of the other building. This resulted in an exposed steel structure with large spans, trusses, industrial look and imagery, which influenced the overall morphology of the building.