About 3G | Contects

DISCLAIMER: “CON + TECTS offers and provides architectural and engineering services in various locations in and outside the USA; however, for clarity, CON + TECTS NC engineering license authorizes CON + TECTS to provide engineering services through its licensed PE partner based in its Ohio location.


3G and Contects formulate a multinational organization of stand-alone businesses that are registered independently in the countries they operate in. The independent companies have common ownership, leadership, and management. Contects is based in Ohio and North Carolina, USA, while 3G is present in Jordan, UAE, and KSA within the MENA region. The firms share resources in management and technical capabilities, experience, and past performance while financially independent.


3G|Contects believes in the spirit of partnering; therefore, it has established global strategic alliances with renowned firms in architecture, engineering, project/construction management, healthcare, and renewable energy to enhance its capabilities, provide the highest client services, and advance the interests of its shareholders. Some of our strategic alliances and teaming partners include "Influence Healthcare International" of Canada, "Eres" of Luxembourg, "Dorsch" of Germany, and Parsons of the US.


Why Hire and Partner with 3G?
An Emarati firm with effective and efficient leadership, management, and staff who listen to our clients and provide them with the effective and efficient services based on each specific clients’ needs; therefore, you can expect value professional services based on actual needs and realistic fees.


  • Provide total solutions of our services. We select and hire the appropriate resources and sub-consultants for services, note: we don’t provide in-house;

  • Skilled and fully experienced in architecture, engineering, project and development management (one-stop-shop);

  • Responsive to client, project and market specific needs;

  • Identify requirements at early stage, plan well, then execute well on its first time, consistently; and

  • Complete all requirements to pre-identified and contracted quality standards, as well as to budgeted and scheduled requirements.


  • Work hard, smart and complete tasks on or before due date;

  • Frugal; therefore, we lookout at our clients' resources accordingly;

  • Creative; therefore, we are organized and structured for highest efficiency;

  • Streamline processes for maximum efficiency;

  • Rely on repeat clients and higher work volumes;

Transparent in our dealings and always seek win-win and partnering arrangements with our clients and project’s teams; 
Geared to represent and serve our clients; therefore, we do just that.

Connect with us: 3G-Contects,com
USA, mknajjar@3g-contects.com +(1910) 859-4161
JOD & KSA ramiz.abumahfouz@3g-contects.com +(9627) 9687-0013 & +(9665) 0299-7101
UAE & Oman, khalel.ismail@3g-contects.com +(9715) 0441-0757