We Develop a Residence to be a Home

What is a residence? Is it where we sleep? Where we eat? Where we relax? Where we love? The answer is all of the above. It is a place that feels like home. Surrounded by not only the things we love, but more importantly the ones we love as well. A place of comfort and soothing. It is where we return, it is home. This idea that a residence should feel both unique and comfortable, is the driving force behind our acquisition and execution of residential projects. We want the end-user to truly feel they live somewhere that feels like home, while from a design standpoint is also unique to give that place a very special feeling.


The 3G team does not think of itself as a residential building consultant/developer, but rather a creator of communities. The comfort and feel of a home goes beyond its walls, it requires all fundamental support facilities that are harmoniously designed and developed to facilitate for the safety, health, sustainability, and comfort of its inhabitants that serves the end users and the developers alike.