Message from the CEO

Dr. MK Najjar

3G is a regional firm operating at international standards. The strength of 3G is derived from our PEOPLE, INNOVATION and PROCESS. We LISTEN to our clients, DELIVER their projects and ASSIST them in achieving their goals. 3G is committed to provide quality services at reasonable fees customized to each client’s needs. The officers and management of 3G form a Mastermind with our partners and clients. Our mastermind efforts are dedicated towards assisting our clients to achieve their goals and missions effectively and efficiently by combining creativity, innovation and advanced technology and processes.

3G has a global network of resources and strategic alliances combined with our ability to integrate latest technologies with a commitment to the success of our clients’ projects including quality, cost and schedule. 3G conducts business with integrity, delivers high quality and complex projects on time and within budget and are committed to health, safety and the environment.


We employ and subcontract the best resources by applying state-of-the-art work processes in an environment that promotes creativity, innovation and the effective use of technology. This approach has proven its effectiveness on hundreds of projects and contracts we successfully completed worldwide. The talented and skilled teams of professionals who embody 3G have accomplished great results for our clients. We strive to be an excellent place to work and to empower our team to achieve great results for our clients. 3G is ISO 9001:2008 certified and strives to do everything right the first time.


3G exists due to a group of entities we proudly call Clients. These Clients are forging breakthroughs in a broad range of areas that benefit the world in which we live. They deliver improved and diversified projects in education, healthcare, institutional, residential, recreational, industrial, and commercial projects while drawing on sustainable resources, enhanced energy, and advanced urban development.


Our Clients express their appreciation of 3G due to the value we add as their partner and consultant. Our Vision, Mission and Core Values guide all of 3G’s activities; they embody the spirit of 3G and are the core of our culture.


We thank our talented professionals and our great Clients for our past successes and for continuing to work with us to accomplish even greater successes in the future.

Dr. Mohamed Khalil Najjar 
President/ CEO