Renewable Energy

Nuclear and Photovoltaic

3G-ERES (a joint venture between 3G and Eres) is an European, American and Middle Eastern multi-national group providing total integrated solutions in a suite of consultancy services in photovoltaic systems across the middle east.

The shareholders first established the business in Europe (Italy, UK, Romania, Bulgaria) and USA, then expanded their operations in Jordan, UAE, KSA, and Oman. We have established a proven reputation as leaders across the Middle East. We provide services offering innovative design/design review solutions, support to permitting, financial engineering and procurement, contract and construction management, construction supervision, as well as O&M.


   Management, Project Controls, Assessment, Site/Project Management, Cost & Scheduling, Safety Analysis, Claim/Litigation Services.



   Electrical, Mechanical, Nuclear, I & C, Civil/Structural Engineering, Risk/PRA Based Enhancements.



   Systems Engineering, Procedures Review & Improvement, Oversight, Assessments, Testing, Quality Assurance, Operations   Support,  Risk    Management, Procurement.



   Licensing and Regulatory Compliance, Existing and New Facility Application, Fuel Cycle, Construction, Safety and Quality  Assurance Certification.


Oversight of Quality

•  Establish Contract Quality Requirements
•  Review Contract Quality Requirements
•  Establish and Audit Quality Assurance Programs 
•  Oversight of Component Fabrication
•  Field and Manufacturer Inspections and Oversight

Oversight of Design

•  Project Engineering and Supervision
•  Design Support and Owner Oversight of Engineering Contractor
•  Safety Analysis and Transient Analysis Evaluation and Coordination
•  Modification Package Development and Design Verification
•  System Interaction Evaluations
•  Environmental Evaluations
•  Structural Engineering
•  Procedure Revision Preparation/Review



•  Design Specification Preparation and Review 
•  Contract Administration 
•  Fabrication/Design Document Review/Approval
•  On-Site Quality Control Support 
•  Receipt Inspection Review and Process Development 
•  Transportation Review/Oversight 
•  Owner Acceptance Review


Oversight of Construction

•  Audits of EPC QA Program for compliance to ASME NQA-1 and IAEA GS-R-3 
•  Review of work procedures and instructions
•  Review of the Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR) chapters
•  Audits of subcontractors (concrete mix, rebar and component manufacturers, etc)


Project Management and Controls

•  Initial Project Planning 
•  License Position Approach and Submittal Identification 
•  Component Design Review
•  Lessons Learned Presentation
•  Project Scope Definition
•  Engineering and Construction Specification
•  Component Design Specification
•  Project Controls
•  Project Management Oversight
•  Project Plan Development 
•  Readiness Reviews 
•  Scheduling Support 
•  Independent Reviews



Licensing Support

•  License Amendments 
•  Readiness Reviews 
•  Owner Acceptance Reviews 
•  Safety Analysis Review 
•  Licensing Strategy Determination


Installation and Implementation Oversight

•  Construction Support 
•  Oversight of Construction Contractor 
•  Construction Management and Field Support 
•  Quality Program Services 
•  Readiness Reviews 
•  Field Engineering


Testing and Operations Support

•  Complete Startup Testing Program Development and Management 
•  Test/OPS Procedure Preparation 
•  Training Upgrade Support 
•  Training Accreditation Program.