UAE University Science and Innovation Park

Market: Education

Service: Architecture and Engineering Design

Owner: UAE University

Location: Al-Ain, UAE

Contract Value ($M):

Startup Date: 2016

Completion Date: 2020

The ‘’UAEU Science and Innovation Park Al-Ain’’ is an iconic building which will satisfy the needs of UAEU together with providing all the modern features in terms of construction and buildability. The project location is in Falaj Hazaa, Al-Ain, UAE. The project consists of eight main buildings which include all of the research facilities, incubation centers, workshops, auditorium, entertainment facilities and much more. The main concept of the building emerged from of Al-Ain city especially with integrating the sand dunes concept into the building to create a roof structure that represents the heritage of Al-Ain along with the 3 towers located in the center of the project that represent the oasis (Water, Palm and Sand).

The total Built-Up-Area is (220,000 Sq. M)