Private Villa in Jordan

Market: Residential

Service: Architecture and Engineering Design

Owner: Confidential

Location: Al-Kamleh, Jordan

Contract Value ($M): Confidential

Startup Date: April 2017

Completion Date: August 2017

Lost in a forest of gracious pine trees, atop a mountain with panoramic views, these two private, mirror villas lie in total comfort and tranquility. 3G|Contects was commissioned to design the two villas to be modern, physically separated, and located on a high portion of land in Al-Kamleh – a unique place from which the views are unsurpassed in Jordan. The peace and quiet in the area are combined with woodsy privacy and natural surroundings which envelope the homes in the area. Two streets encompass the villas on the same plot of land on a steep incline. This corner location provides the ability to separate the entrances in different levels to give privacy for each villa. The French windows and glass walls make the most of the natural view and lighting, while the slanted support columns give an edge of modernity. Overall, this unique design meets the owner’s requirement for a modern look, makes use of natural light and energy of the sun for heating, and allows the two villas to be independent in privacy but merged on the lower floor – one of the most innovative designs in Jordan.