Muscat Hills

Market: Commercial

Service: Architecture and Engineering Design


Location: Oman

Contract Value ($M): $40

Startup Date: Dec 2015

Completion Date: November 2015

For this project, the expertise of 3G’s Design Director, Khalel Ismail, was specifically sought out by OMINVEST. Known for his remarkable and innovative designs, the OMINVEST headquarters design was a direct result of his vision. 3G is responsible for A/E design and construction supervision for this project. The building consists of 7 floors and 2 basements for parking. The ground floor contains a retail area in a small mall. Five floors function as offices while the sixth floor houses an office penthouse to be utilized as the Ominvest headquarters.


The building consists of seven floors (G+6) and 2 basements floors for parking. The ground floor will be retail/small mall, 5 floors as offices and a penthouse to be located at the sixth floor. The project site within an area of 6,055 square meter and can be accessed from two important roads, Sultan Qaboos high way and Muscat Express Way.