Khalidiya Water Front Development

Market: Residential

Service: Architecture and Engineering Design

Owner: Private Department of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Khalid

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Contract Value ($M): $150

Startup Date: Jan 2013

Completion Date: September 2014

The project consists of two basements for around 1,000 parking spaces, Ground floor for Retail and Public facilities, Podium with infinity pool and pool deck and fourteen (14) floors for apartments.
The project splitted into two masses to maintain connectivity between the main road and sea. Building angles are directed in a way to maximize usage of sea views. Luxurious duplex apartments as a hanging mass connecting the main two masses.
A metaphor of coast sand and sea waves relationship, when sea waves hit the beach then recede leaving behind curved lines imprinted on the sand, these lines inspired the project by creating layers of balconies using the initial shape of the sand mass.