Kempinski Power Plant I

Market: Energy,

Service: Architecture and Engineering Design,
Project Management & Construction Supervision,
Renewable Energy

Owner: United Saudi Jordanian Hotel & Tourism

Location: Judaydeh, Karak, Jordan

Contract Value ($M):

Startup Date: January 2017

Completion Date: June 2017

Located in a remote village in Karak, Jordan, this 11MWp photovoltaic power plant harnesses energy from the light of the sun to supply local communities with electric power. Using the "power wheeling" method, the Kempinski hotel at the Dead Sea consumes energy in one part of Jordan while simultaneously injecting it into another grid somewhere else, Judaydeh in this case. The result is a net value of major energy savings for the hotel - strategic decision for any market in Jordan which pays a high electric tariff. In addition to this power plant, the investors, United Saudi Jordanian Hotel & Tourism (HAT), have made a strategic decision. The division has been awarded the task of design review and construction supervision on this unique project as well as commissioning and integration into the local electrical infrastructure.