Jordan Eye Hospital

Market: Healthcare

Service: Architecture and Engineering Design

Owner: Jordan Eye Center

Location: Amman, Jordan

Contract Value ($M): Under Construction!

Startup Date: 2014

Completion Date: Ongoing

The project has a plot area of 2000 m² and a total build-up area of 3500 m². The International Eye Center provides many correction procedures using the latest technologies such as Custom-Lasik, Custom ultra-Lasik and Keratoconus. The concept to this project was inspired by the International Eye Center’s logo. It is an illustration of the eyelid protecting the eye ball. Abstraction of the curves into lines by running straight clean strokes around the eyelashes, creating a linear outline that develops into a protective strong outer shell enclosing the structure mass. The shell also represents the care and attention provided to patients. One seeking treatment at an eye center is either facing full blindness or sight blurriness. This process of vision improvement is reflected on both facades leading to the main entrance. The further you are from the entrance/clarity, the more the lines are intersecting producing a distorted and unclear image. Then the image fades away and gets clearer as you approach the main entrance.