Innovative Foods Factory

Market: Industrial

Service: Architecture and Engineering Design

Owner: Innovative Foods

Location: Riyadh, KSA

Contract Value ($M): 14,000,000

Startup Date: January 2017

Completion Date: January 2018

The Innovative Food Factory was designed by 3G|Contects to provide an efficient layout for the delivery of much-needed ingredients‫ for Shawarmer Restaurants in KSA. This project was designed in accordance with Sudeer Industrial City requirements. 3G|Contects was responsible for the marriage of the equipment planning and process engineering with the building and infrastructure design. The main idea for design is based around the manufacturing process. The design was therefore broken up into three major masses as follows. the‫The warehouse mass includes temperature-controlled production lines and storage areas for finished and raw materials. The second mass contains the building services. The third and final mass is for the administration and houses the offices of management and employees. Various materials were used to differentiate between the facilities on the external facades. Overall 3G|Contects had the opportunity to innovate in combining the process engineering with facility integration on this successful job.